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バースデー・ライブ 2012

By yugo & kai | 12月 18, 2012


Ginger Wildheart Band – setlist from setlist.fm
Just Another Song About Someone
How I Survived The Punk Wars
Girls Are Better Than Boys
Taste Aversion
Forget About It
Surrender (Cheap Trick cover, with Alex Kane)
Sonic Shake (with Alex Kane)

The Wildhearts – setlist from setlist.fm
Nothing Ever Changes but the Shoes
TV Tan
Sick of Drugs
Red Light Green Light
Girlfriend Clothes
Dreaming in A
Someone That Won’t Let Me Go
Mazel Tov Cocktail
Caffeine Bomb
Geordie in Wonderland
Beautiful Thing You
29 x The Pain
Love U ’til I Don’t

The view from the stage.  Photo by Rich Jones

Nita Nitro
Happy Birthday (with Jake & cake)
Vanilla Radio (with Jake)
Is This the Life (Cardiacs cover with 4 guitarists: CJ, Chris Catalyst, Random (and vocals), Kavus Torabi, Dom Lawson bass, Ginger drums
White Lies (with Warner E. Hodges)
My Baby Is a Headfuck (with Jef Streatfield and Warner E. Hodges)
I Wanna Go Where the People Go

The Wildhearts post gig.  Photo by Trudi Knight (www.bandsonstage.co.uk)

Custom Cakes UK of Bristolのリー・シンクレアがスマイリー・ボーンのバースデー・ケーキを作り届けてくれました。
Smileybones Cake, Photo by Lee Sinclair

ライブに来られなかった方は、 ウェブ・ストアでグッズを購入できます。

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